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Who are Happy School Bag?

School Fundraising Whilst Reducing Textile Waste To Help Look After Our Little Planet

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Hello, I’m Hoppy, and I’m here to create an enjoyable and engaging school fundraising experience, for our current and future generations. My aim is to promote awareness among children about the advantages of recycling textiles.


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School Fundraising Experts

Our school fundraising scheme serves a dual purpose: providing financial support to schools and addressing reusable textile waste, all while promoting awareness of sustainability.

At Happy School Bag we offer schools the opportunity to raise funds and at the same time to help our environment by keeping valuable and reusable resources out of landfill. We specialise in collecting and buying quality second hand clothes, working together with the pupils, parents, and teachers to fundraise, recycle and educate.

The scheme is suited for schools from playgroups to colleges as well as other organisations. This cost-free programme actively promotes recycling at school and encourages children to become involved in waste reduction. 

Happy School Bag is a division of UK Clothing Caravan Ltd., a leading textile recycling and wholesale company.  

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What Makes Us Different

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Super Easy Fundraising

School fundraising made easy! Our free, low-effort scheme delivers massive results. We provide warm and accommodating services, always punctual and reliable!

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Practical Education

By engaging in fundraising activities, students not only benefit their school but also support the environment. It educates individuals, instils an understanding of environmental responsibility, promotes social responsibility, and contributes to positive global change.

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Best Market Prices

We understand the importance of extra funds for your school and appreciate your fundraising efforts. We strive to offer the highest rates per Kg, ensuring unbeatable prices.

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You're Creating New Jobs

The global second-hand clothing industry provides jobs for thousands of workers, supports small businesses and creates businesses opportunities.

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Affordable Clothing Aid

Our services aid disadvantaged people globally by enabling them to afford quality reusable clothing.

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Saving Money For Taxpayers & Local Authorities

Promoting textile reuse diverts tons of clothing from landfills each year. Additionally, it contributes to saving local authorities and taxpayers money on waste disposal costs and landfill taxes.

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Need Some More Inspiration?

Schools and organisations can also coordinate collections for a selected charity or a cause they wish to support.

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Need Some more Inspiration?

We're here to help!

Coming up with effective fundraising ideas for schools can be challenging. However, we're here to assist by presenting a curated list of 10 fantastic fundraising opportunities for you to try yourself!