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Happy School Bag

Donate Clothes And Raise Funds For Your School

Are you seeking school fundraising ideas? Look no further! Happy School Bag facilitates school fundraising via clothing donations! It’s not only Easy and Free but also Highly Effective! Moreover, it provides practical education to children about the advantages of textile recycling.

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School Fundraising Via Clothing Donations

Our school fundraising via clothing donations scheme offers an easy and environmentally friendly method to raise funds. By collecting clothing donations from students, parents, and staff, we repurpose them for second-hand use and pay the school based on the weight of donations received.

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Textile Recycling & Repurposing

By repurposing clothing for those in need, our collaborative efforts can prevent thousands of kilograms of garments from ending up in landfills, ultimately safeguarding our planet and its inhabitants.

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Practical Education For Children

We advocate for recycling over sending waste to landfills because materials can take over 200 years to decompose in such environments. Hence, prioritizing the care of our planet is paramount.

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School Fundraising Via Clothing Donations

Collection Methods

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Fill Our Bags

Most Common/convenient Option

We supply our branded bags, you fill them up, and we pay per KG collected. It's incredibly straightforward and hassle-free.

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Indoor Promotional Dropbox

Coming Soon September 2024

Combining our indoor dropbox with a bags collection service serves as an excellent awareness booster in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the collection date. This provides parents and pupils with more time to donate, thereby maximizing participation and contributions.

HappySchoolBag Outdoor Donation Bank providing a convenient location to donate unwanted clothing to raise funds for their local school. Clothing donation method 3

Outdoor Bank

Coming Soon September 2024

Our outdoor bank is perfect for facilitating more frequent, ongoing donations; we'll pick up the donations when it's full.

Happy School Bag
Why Fundraise With Us?
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Super Easy Fundraising

Easily boost school fundraising through our hassle-free scheme! We specialize in school fundraising via clothing donations, offering warm and accommodating service that's always punctual and reliable.

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Practical Education

By engaging in fundraising activities, pupils not only benefit their school but also contribute to environmental preservation. Additionally, it educates individuals, instils an understanding of environmental responsibility, promotes social accountability, and contributes to positive global change.

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Best Market Prices

We understand the importance of extra funds for your school and sincerely appreciate your fundraising efforts. In our commitment to support your cause, we strive to offer the highest rates per Kg, ensuring unbeatable prices.

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You're Creating New Jobs

The global second-hand clothing industry not only provides jobs for thousands of workers but also supports small businesses and creates numerous business opportunities.

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