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Happy School Bag is an easy fundraising scheme that helps schools, clubs and other organisations to raise funds through the collection of pre-loved reusable clothing.


About us

At Happy School Bag we offer schools the opportunity to raise funds and at the same time to help our environment by keeping valuable and reusable resources out of landfill. We specialise in collecting and buying quality second hand clothes, working together with the pupils, parents and teachers to fundraise, recycle and educate. The scheme is suited for schools from playgroups to colleges as well as other organisations. This cost free programme actively promotes recycling at school and encourages children to become involved in waste reduction

Q. What Happens to the clothing/shoes and fashion accessories we collect? 

A. The pre-loved garments collected by Happy School Bag are sold to secondhand markets abroad for the purpose of REUSE and provides affordable quality clothing to disadvantaged people in need

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How our scheme



Simply fill in the online booking form or contact us by telephone.



We will arrange a suitable collection date and time.


Once a collection date has been confirmed we will send you our collection bags along with advertising posters to help you to advertise collection around the school.


The children take the bags home and fill them up with unwanted clothes, paired shoes and accessories.


A courtesy call will be made a couple of days before your collection date to confirm that you are ready.


The children bring the bags to school on the collection day and our driver arrives on the arranged time.


The bags are weighed on our calibrated scales.


 A BACS payment is transferred directly to your designated Bank Account for a sum based on the total weight that was collected.


Your feedback is important to us as it helps us to identify areas where we need to improve and evaluate changes. 

     We accept

  • Adult and children's clothing
  • Paired Shoes
  • Fashion accessories
  • Handbags, Belts,
  • Hats, Scarves
  • Jewellery, Perfumes

​​​Please ensure that all items placed in the bags are in good REUSABLE condition. Thank you 










   We don’t accept

  • Dirty, Damaged, Wet Clothes
  • Uniforms, Underclothing
  • Toys, Books, DVD's
  • Duvets, Pillows, Household linen
  • Carpets, Blankets, Curtains
  • Bric-a-Brac





  • Collections can only include the items and reusable quality which we accept (as listed) 
  • To book a collection the minimal weight requirement is no less than 200 Kg
  • Our rate may vary depending on the market trends and we reserve the right to change it.
  • We reserve the right to cancel/refuse future bookings if any of the items we don't accept are included in the bags.
  • We also reserve the right to deduct the weight of unsuitable items after the collection has taken place. We weigh the collections upfront and in good faith without prior inspection, so it is vital that the school ensures that no unsuitable items are included in the collection. 
TIP: In wet weather, protect your Happy School Bag collection by covering the bags with a plastic sheet, ideally store them in a dry and sheltered area, because the clothes cannot be reused if they are wet or damp and we couldn't accept them, so it is important to keep the clothes fresh and dry before they are collected by us. 
Thank you for your cooperation and happy fundraising!

Good deeds

You help to lower our planet's pollution by taking part in this great scheme which diverts textiles from landfill for the purpose of Reuse.

You allow us to create and retain jobs in the UK and in other countries.

You help disadvantaged people to afford quality second-hand clothing which they wouldn't normally able to obtain.


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